One flower
on the cliffside
nodding at the canyon.

-Jack Kerouac

Friday, August 30, 2013

Poem of the Day: Inward by Inara Cedrins

The driver works the wheel all night, toward Dharamashala,
past the blue-faced gods in their shrines among the trees,
between banks so steep it is like being in a cave
with mounds of prehistoric pottery at intervals.
Your hands, your lips. The soft white wool of my shawl
wound over us both in that tantalizing journey
toward each other. We enter a still space
as if the Himalayas were gauze and had parted
to let us in, as from the bus station
the silent streets we follow steeply up
lead under the lightning sky to the hotel, where they tinker
with the hot water heater but finally leave us alone.
You spit on your hand before entering me, saying
this first time will be fast, it will not be slow. I know this.
Afterword, the monkeys thumping over the tin roof,
the calm in your eyes that are the color of tender ferns
that grow beside streams flowing icy
from the highest mountains.

Ever since I first read this poem in Words Overflown by Stars (Creative Writing Instruction and Insight from the Vermont College MFA Program), it has stuck with me. To me, this is the very definition of a love poem. Love is felt, not spoken, at the end, looking into his eyes. I can feel everything.

Monday, August 26, 2013

i'm a plum, wearing peplum

I am madly in love with peplum tops. They are extremely figure-flattering. They are structured, so they can disguise any tummy insecurities. They direct the eyes up and down. And they are feminine - enhancing any and all curves that you have. One of my favorite, confidence-enhancing, go-to outfits is a simple peplum top, a pair of shorts or skinny jeans, and some wedges. I think I will try a business-like peplum dress one day, with the peplum all the way around like below. I'm not a fan of peplum only on the sides - they remind me of big, droopy pockets.
 Peplum [noun]: a flared ruffle which is attached to the waist or hips, etc. of a clothing garment.  This word is derived from the Greek word peplos, which means 'shawl.'

These were very popular in the 1940's and in the 80's. I am SO happy that they came back in style! Aren't they beautiful? They almost remind me of Disney-esque ballgowns, except on a top. I had never even heard of peplum until it hit the runways and streets last spring, and at first at I was slightly horrified. But I have come to adore it.
Why was I horrified at first? Because. Because of this:
(Oh dear.)
But they really can be classy and beautiful. And so feminine, ahhh!
(Topshop, Thakoon)
I am drooling over that ivory Thakoon top. It's like an elegant wedding dress, yet it's casual enough to wear anytime you feel like it.

(Forever 21 striped peplum top, American Eagle shorts, Forever 21 bracelet and antler ring, H&M ankle boots)
Photographs by Holly Lis.
PS. I do have one more peplum top, my favorite one that I have yet to find! I want to get it up here asap.
How do you feel about peplum? Are you happy that this trend came back?